September 10, 2016 at 6:57 am

Is Instagram Right for You?

You may have held off on creating an Instagram account because it doesn’t seem like it’s something you would use. You may think that other social media platforms are more important because they have more users or because they’re more accessible. Anyone can use these platforms, but to get the most out of Instagram, you have to be willing to install the smartphone or tablet app. Some potential customers may not do that.

But Instagram does have a large number of users, and it is an important social platform. If you haven’t started an account on this site yet, here are some reasons why Instagram may be right for you.

You Have a Large Product Line

If you have many different products, adding them slowly to Instagram is a good way for each individual item to get attention. You may find that whichever product you’ve recently added to Instagram sees a boost in sales or at the very least in page views. You can use this to your advantage when you release new products or when you want to give an older product a little boost. Sometimes you can even sell out of discontinued products by posting about them on Instagram.

You Host Events

If you’re not a company that sells products, you can still make use of Instagram. One way is by posting about the events you do. You can post images of attendees, speakers, the décor, and everything else. Even if you’re not hosting the event, you can still make use of images from it. If you’re a caterer, for example, take photos of the food you’re serving. If you did the décor, share those pictures. Anything that shows off your services to your Instagram followers can increase your brand awareness and bring in new clients.

You’re in Real Estate or Property Management

If you handle the selling or leasing of any type of property, share images of those properties with your followers. Take photos of the exteriors, interiors, and any special features. Real estate relies on visuals to grab potential buyers’ interest, so it’s the perfect industry for Instagram. You’ll be taking photos of these properties anyway for your website and other promotional materials, so why not add them to Instagram?

You’re a Venue

Many venues offer photos of the grounds, spaces, and extras that you can make use of if you hire the venue for your next event. Similar to companies that work events, you may also post images of the activities held at your venue, although you may need to ask permission to do so.

If you don’t necessarily want to post images of the same venue multiple times, you can also post images of information sheets and graphics that list what services you offer. While these images aren’t necessarily as exciting as other photos, they are informative. Your followers may find them very useful.

Instagram Works for Everyone

Even if you don’t think Instagram is quite right for your business, you can find things to post there. Even people such as graphic designers can add their images to their Instagrams. You can do more than just photos. Consider giving Instagram a try if you haven’t already. You may be surprised at how it can increase your brand awareness.